Monday, February 2, 2009

Launching the next phase

Funny, but after feeling like I was preparing for my own funeral, now I feel like I'm preparing for my second life. Not sure what that is. Some people have to go through a tragedy to get to where I am today. I sat around in my life and waited for a tragedy, and when none came, I guess I made my own - this sabbatical. It feels like some part is dying, and some part is being reborn.

The interesting part is that I really like my life! I am deeply in love with Richard, I adore Adrian and am so interested in watching him grow up to be such a balanced human being at the age of 11, and I really enjoy the challenges of my work. Well at least some parts of my work, that is. So I'm curious what this next phase will bring.

As of tomorrow when I wake up in BC, I will be silent. I will be contemplating life, and enjoying knowing that I am on my own for 2 whole months. Do not look for any more blog update until after April 2. I will be journalling, but they will be private writings. 2 months - no mindless chatting, no reponibilities, and no technology. And I can't wait!