Thursday, September 25, 2008

First day of blogging

Well, I'm starting today with this writing thing. Even though the thought process started nearly 4 years ago. Where to begin? Four years ago Richard and I decided we needed a change, and we signed on to our "6 Year Family Plan", which meant 4 years of planning, plus one of doing, and another to the company to return to ordinary life. Not bad for a couple that couldn't get around to planning wedding. After doing the family thing for over a decade, I'm ready to return to my adventurous life as a world traveller, even for a short amount of time. And, in truth, I need a break from my work responsibilities more than anything. So, "our" sabbatical has morphed into "my" sabbatical, and now as of last week, it's becoming a bit more of a shared time again. So here's what the plan is, as of TODAY:
Feb 1-Apr 5 Silent retreat in Cranbrook, BC
Apr 5-20 Continue retreat in England
April 20-June 20 Travel throughout Europe with Adrian and Richard
June 20-30 Richard does his silent retreat in Cranbrook
June 25-Aug 25 Adrian and I drive through the US to Cranbrook to meet Richard, and we all spent time building a small house for the summer, and then drive back through Canada at the end of the summer
Aug 25 Adrian starts grade 7 at new school and Richard looks for work again
Sept 7-Oct 7 Travel to South Africa and Mozambique with sisters (Lois and Kathy), and visit sister Cheryl
Oct 7-Nov 7 Travel to Tibet with sister Kathy; climb to base camp of Everest in Tibet and hike pilgrimage around Mt. Kailash in Tibet
Nov 7-Jan 31 Hang out in Toronto with family

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