Tuesday, January 13, 2009

From Vacation to Sabbatical

How does one transition from a lovely vacation to a sabbatical? It's easy. Just pretend that you're not really back. Oh yeah, and cut off all your hair. That's what I'm doing. I just returned from 2 1/2 weeks hanging out with Richard and Adrian in the winterland of Almonte and Calabogie, about 1 hour SW of Ottawa. I pushed hard before I left to tidy up lose ends and finish projects I'd started at work. Now I'm back, but just staying detached. Not letting anyone scoop my happiness. Reminding everyone (including me) that I'm only here temporarily. Staying focused on me and loving it. Feeling the loosening of Self and image. It seems the loss of my car is also part of this. Soon I may be driving some thing that has nothing to do with me. Something functional but nothing else. This is good. I'm getting what I need from the universe.

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