Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Latest Plan for the Year

For those of you who have patiently read back to the first day I started this blog, you'll find our plans have changed again for what the year looks like. Here's the latest update. The first items are actually firmed up in the form of plane tickets, so they're feeling pretty sure. The things at the second half of the year, well, they're still works in process. So here goes:

Feb. 2 - April 2 Silent meditation retreat in Cranbrook, BC by myself and my monkey mind.
April 29 - June 20 Adrian, Richard, and I all travel to Paris for 3 days, and then on to Delhi India. 2 1/2 weeks in Burma visiting sites we saw for the first time together in 2001. Rendezvous with Josh (Richard's son, age 20; presently in Israel) in Nepal. Travel together to Tibet, maybe Mount Everest, Llasa, pilgrimage around Mount Kailash in Western Tibet. Visit Dharamsala, where the Dalai Lama lives.
June 20-23 Return to Toronto. Adrian graduates grade 6 and leaves Howard Public School with friends.
June 23-Aug. 15 Drive out to Cranbrook, BC through US. Visit frends and family enroute. Help build a residence at retreat centre. Drive back to Toronto through Canada.
Sept. 14-Nov. 14 Meet Kathy and Lois (sisters) in South Africa. Take safari in Kruger National Park. Spend time with Cheryl (sister) and family in Mozambique. Climb Mount Kilimajaro.
Nov. 14 + Settle into life in Toronto again. Relax. Enjoy my friends and family. Maybe read the paper every day. Integrate lessons learned.
Feb. 1 Return to work.


AA said...

wow... what a plan!

Lynn said...

If it wasn't for the 2 months of silence I'd be saying "Can I squeeze in your suitcase?"
Can't wait to follow your journey.

Barry said...

Now that's a Sabbatical! What a rich, varied and exciting year your planning (if I can use "exciting" as a descriptor of meditation).