Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When Planning for a Sabbatical is a lot like Planning Your Own Funeral

I've been planning to replace myself in all aspects for over a year now. Ever since I realized that this is really MY sabbatical and not my family's sabbatical afterall. So now I feel like I could die and everyone who I normally take care of would be fine. That's Richard and Adrian (age 11), all my staff at work plus everyone else at the office, my family and friends, everyone I love and connect with regularly.

I've spent the last few months teaching everyone around me to do the things that I do. My staff are learning to answer their own questions instead of bringing their problems to me to solve. I've taught Richard about our finances, and Adrian has a large repertoir of food that he can make for himself, they're more self-sufficient than before. They're less dependent on me. I could die tomorrow, and they'd be fine.

And this all makes me really happy. I can't describe the feeling it gives me to know that everything will continue without me. I hope I feel this same feeling when I die. Funny, but I always thought I wanted to have a legacy and be around forever, but instead I want people to get on without me!

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